Spring Nail Polish Colour Trends you Need to Know

Spring Nail Polish Colour Trends you Need to Know

Spring is in the air, and what better way to celebrate it than a fresh coat of polish? After a brutal winter, we’re ready for spring tips and toes(!) to come back in full force. Sure, some of us have embraced our nails over the past two years, but we’re ready to have some fun again and dip into our ever-growing stash of nail polish. 

And from the looks of Instagram, we’re not alone. My feeds are full of color, shimmer, and a much-needed dose of fun when it comes to polish. The only rule seems to be that there are none—it’s all about what makes you feel good. But if you need a starting point, we’ve got plenty of spring shades to get you started. 

I’ve rounded up the coolest spring nail polish colour trends to try right now, from pops of pastel, muted nuetrals and sheers for the ultimate naked mani. Scroll on for all the polished ideas I've been adding to my saved folder. 

KATHARINE | warm peach

I have a love for coral nail polish, and this soft shade of it just feels so right for the season. It works for a breezy vacation or looks chic for a night out. Either way, you can't go wrong. It's one of those colours that looks good with most outfits.

JANE | pastel yellow

A perfect color for when spring rolls around. I love this lighter, almost dusty shade of yellow.

HELENA | neutral taupe

A smooth taupe shade is such a good neutral for spring. It might be toned down, but it still catches your eye.

HELEN | sheer lilac

You can never go wrong with a good pastel purple for spring. If you want to change it up a bit, try using this sheer lilac with a French tip. It looks so cute and screams warm day in the park.

EDITH | soft pastel blue

One of my all-time favorite colors, and it's so nice to see it making the rounds on Pinterest again. It's a soft, muted hue that couldn't feel more suited for spring. Any time I wear it, I instantly feel calm and like I'm on a warm, sandy beach.

ELIZABETH | raspberry pink

A vibrant, scorching hue that gives you the best colour pop for spring. This shade of bold raspberry pink is sure to brighten your day.


MALALA | sheer pink

AMELIA | powdery pastel pink

Pastels are always a spring staple, and pink is a must have, but this shade is even softer and more ethereal than the usual.

These are the colour trends to try in spring 2022

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