Get the Goss on royal-Approved Mani Hues

Get the Goss on royal-Approved Mani Hues

First up, let’s dispel the rumors: the royals are free to wear any and all shades of nail polish. There’s no actual protocol about bright polish, it’s simply about being appropriate.

Best described as OTT in almost every way: fashion, hats, weddings, corgis, and of course, scandals. But when it comes to beauty, they tend to opt for a more understated approach - especially in the mani department.

Just like you and me, the royals have fav shades that grace their tips more often than not. They tend to favor sheer, neutral shades on shorter, squoval-shaped nails. Queen Elizabeth exclusively wore sheer pale pink polish for over 30 years. Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton often follow in her pedicured footsteps—with a few notable exceptions, of course.

Let’s take a look at the hues you need to achieve a royally elevated mani.

Since 1989 Her Majesty the Queen only ever wore sheer pale pink polish.

Get your hands on Malala for a perfectly polished mani, fit for a queen.

Kate has yet to wear anything colorful on her hands, but she does step out with colourful pedicures.

This glorious deep pink, Indira, would be a royal hit with Kate.

Megan Markle too, prefers nude and blush-toned hues.

Her perfectly polish hands would be right at home in Melinda, an elegant powdery neutral pink.

If you're feeling inspired get your hands on our ROYAL COLLECTION and create a superior at-home mani.


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