Get the goss, on Lip Gloss nails

Get the goss, on Lip Gloss nails

There’s no denying that Hailey Biebers glazed donut nails are here to stay. But Lip Gloss nails are about to be everywhere, and like the nname says, they’re glossy, glam and delicious. The difference? They’ve skipped the chrome sparkle top coat for something a little more minimal.

What are lip gloss nails?

This polished trend mimics the lush, shiny finish of, yep you guessed it, lip gloss when applied to your lips. It levels up your ‘a la naturale’ nails by adding a sheer layer of gloss (complete with a hint of pretty pink tint) to create a scrummy, fresh finish.

How are lip gloss nails different from glazed donut nails?

They follow a similar pattern to the glazed donut nail but work more with your natural nails as the base, so it’s more sheer less iridescent.

How to create lip gloss nails at home

Your natural nails will be getting more of a starring role with this mani, so they need to be looking their best. Make sure they’re buffed, super clean and immaculately filed into shape. Apply our base coat to prime and nails, this will smoot the nail surface and blurring any flaws. Next, you’ll need thin coat of our bestseller - Malala this transparent light pink shade is ideal for this look. Apply a second thin coat of Malala if you’d like to build on the colour.

Now add two coats of our ultra glossy top coat on top. Let each coat dry before applying the next for and overall quicker dry time and best results.

And voila, you are glossed and ready to shine ✨

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